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A month between posts?

It’s been a struggle to maintain a work-life balance–amidst busyness at work and busyness in life. I’ve been able to fill in as the single parent at times, and carve out time to mark our tenth wedding anniversary. I’ve married two friends, cheered on my mother at her ballroom dance showcase, and brought the family along on a surprise trip to my father’s 70th birthday.

What I’ve not been doing includes writing, something I consider a bit of work and a bit of life but which more often is attached to the idea of play–a category of activity that is set aside first at times of busyness. The lack of writing (and the paucity of videos) is the result of a function of time and emptying out.

To whatever extent I hope to make a transition in what I get paid to do–I need to work better to balance work AND life AND play.


Write less, often.

Geez. Scrolling (and I mean scrolling) back through the three weeks this blog has been in existence.

I know that I like to think big, but I need to be more judicious in how much space I take up in the blog. It’s rough on readers and will take too much time. Soon the job will rouse itself from hibernation and there will be no time for expounding.

Goal: shorter posts. A few a day if one won’t satisfy my brain twitches.
And all those half videos I’ve got floating about: finish one.

What to write

Topics for blog posts, presented here for headkicking purposes when there is nothing obvious in the here and now.

Jobs I have held
Skills I have acquired
Objects I have owned
Projects I am avoiding completing
Digital asset management
Software tools
What is in the box
What the boy is reading
What the boy is watching
Skills the boy has acquired
Things I am forgetting now but hope to add to this list later


I stopped writing in my LiveJournal a year ago, around the time I started videoblogging. And now that I’m itching to write more, I am attracted by the shiny ball of WordPress, in particular the ability to tag posts.

I have opted for the free wordpress.com because I do not want to waste any of my time tweaking the template. I have plenty of that work that needs doing over at the videoblog.

Ambivalent about the Blogroll. To whatever extent I create one it will be an indicator to the degree I have succumbed to the emotional need for validation from others.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Step two.


Step one.

Remember (once again) that you are a writer.

Style guide

So some people have questioned (in a wheedling, elder sibling kind of way) my seeming unwillingness to use certain www-slang while uncritically adopting others. What follows, is the first edition Spexious (previously: Mookless and Frail) style guide to language:

likely to appear

words and phrases i use in oral speech (e.g. “timesuck”)
excessive dashes and parentheses
sentence fragments
sentences that begin with a single word followed by a comma
words i have made up
words i think i may have made up but have in fact seen before
acronyms i have made up
decapitalization and depunctuation
“which” as an interjection
unflagged sarcasm
declarative voice to myself in the second person
parentheticals employing (with varying degrees of precision) the abbreviations e.g., i.e., and c.f.
aliases representing individuals not already famous or LJ users
multiple asterisks

unlikely to appear

parenthetical descriptions of my emotional state
established chat and www acronyms (e.g. OMG, LOL, RTFM, TMTOWTDI)
established blog and message board colloquialisms (e.g. “i tells ya”)
references to myself in the third person

Mostly because I don’t feel like I could credibly pull it off. My writing style feels deeply encrusted by my early years on the manual smith corona. Perhaps though I’ll try on a few of the acronyms as I go. More likely (see above) I’ll make up my own.

may appear when i’m not paying attention

“and but so”
verbal attacks on the president

The dashes, parentheses, asterisks, and commas are of course influenced heavily by the woeful fragmentation of language foisted on us by DF Wallace, D Eggers, M D’Angelo, et. al. Which, don’t hate me because I’m derivative.

Hate me because I’m privileged and arrogant and because I’ve never been much good at returning calls.