Observations and arguments.

Write less, often.

Geez. Scrolling (and I mean scrolling) back through the three weeks this blog has been in existence.

I know that I like to think big, but I need to be more judicious in how much space I take up in the blog. It’s rough on readers and will take too much time. Soon the job will rouse itself from hibernation and there will be no time for expounding.

Goal: shorter posts. A few a day if one won’t satisfy my brain twitches.
And all those half videos I’ve got floating about: finish one.



  JTony wrote @

I don’t know, I kind of like the longer posts. (I have to admit, I haven’t read through all of them, but I just found out about this new blog the other day). I think people on the web are altogether too pithy, which has brought on all sorts of problems, from misunderstandings to a downright abandonment of decorum and etiquitte altogether.

I like the shorter posts, too, and definitely the vids, so keep those up, too, but longer posts now and then on good topics… well… they are worth while, even in the bloggerglobe. -T

  Chris Ereneta wrote @

So kind of you Ton–but I’m coming to think that the bigger the idea, the harder it is to express it all in one sitting. Breaking it up into smaller chunks will help me organize my thoughts better, allow for revision and evolution. Figure if it’s a compelling enough idea someone’ll pick up the RSS and come back later to read more.

And I don’t intend to abandon decorum. Entirely.
You farging bastich.

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