Observations and arguments.

Regular Comedian

Tonight the boy was practicing his dribble takes in the bathtub. Except that more than half the time his excitement at the hilarity of it all pushed the dribble take towards a spit take, projecting the water out several images and onto daddy’s pants.

I did not teach him how to do this.

Most nights I can maintain a straight face and a flat tone as I remind him this is behavior that is only acceptable in the bathtub. Tonight I marginally succeed at this.

Later, however, as we are struggling to get him to brush his teeth, and once we have bailed on that attempt and are encouraging him to rinse out his mouth, he sticks the toothpaste tube in his mouth and does a wide-eyed take into the mirror.

My wife and I both burst into defeated laughter.

We understand that this is not helping.


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