Observations and arguments.


Which, I am wholly unconvinced that “vlog” will make it into the mass market lexicon, despite the best efforts of its linguistic advocates.

But the age of video blogging is upon us, making simple (and low cost) what was previously time-consuming enough that I had pretty much given up on the mini-movie venue I had begun back in 1999.

But it’s alive today, with the aid of Blogger, OurMedia and the Internet Archive, Creative Commons, and the instructive tutorials at freevlog.org.

Thus Matchbook Films is born again.

The vlogger community appears to be quite supportive of each other, and of new efforts. But one curiosity of note is a blurring (notable among some of the key vlogger personalities) of the distinction between video blogging as a medium of expression and “vlogging” as a genre as within the medium.

So when Senator John Edwards recently launched his own video blog he met with a couple of vloggers, including the redoubtable Michael Verdi (co-founder of freevlog.org), who then spent a key portion of their three minute meeting attempting to show Sen. Edwards how to hold a DV camera at arm’s length pointing back at himself.

The coming explosion, I believe, in videoblogging, will be coming in genres other than “vlogging,” which features a great deal of this walk-and-talk direct camera address. Another hallmark of the genre appears to be a tendency away from quick-paced editing. In some cases the absence of an edit creates tension that is ultimately paid off by a moment of small revelation–a refreshing feeling of un-mediacy. It’s a tough balance, and one that can’t possibly be explored in commercial media.

(My favorite explorer so far: Josh Leo, college student vlogging from Grand Rapids, MI)

Don’t know that I’ll be jumping into the vlogger genre, but I’m hopping onto their bandwagon.

Short bits. Some repeated/repurposed from before.

So away we go with RSS 2.0.

With enclosures, no less.


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