Observations and arguments.

Now, about that shouting

Having been through this same cycle of angry shouting with The Boy (see previous post) several times in regards to certain of his books:

The Snowy Day
Click Clack Moo
and now

JD postulated a theory this week that may explain what, from our perspective, is a perplexing set of behaviors:

that The Boy likes to anticipate what comes next in the books he flips through.

He can fulfill this desire when, for example, he opens Yummy Yucky with the expectation that he will find the page on which the baby has just eaten hot sauce, and is exhaling fire.

But with a new book, he gets frustrated because he cannot anticipate what he is likely to see inside. And so the short bursts of pages followed by an angry startover from the beginning is actually, from his cognitive perspective, a rapid-memorization process. He wants to repeat the opening pages enough times in quick succession that he will be able to know what to expect within the cover of the book when he opens it again the next time.

Would it be possible for him to accomplish this without so much frustration and yelling? It’s something he may need to work on in therapy as an adult. I can nearly guarantee he has not witnessed similar behavior in adults, so our best understanding is that this comes from some compulsive aspect of his own personality.

Which simply means: do not interrupt The Boy when he is twelve and playing Grand Theft Auto 2016 for the first time.

Is, as often, all I’m saying.


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