Observations and arguments.


Poring back through nearly two decades of small and odd jobs, creative works, and other Experience leaves me wondering how in the holy @#$% I’ve managed to carve out anything resembling a career.

The answer to which I mostly know, i.e.:

a familiar cliche of talent, hard work, and dumb luck.

What I don’t know is how to distill the sum of these disparate activities in my past into a coherent enough form to communicate that I’m qualified to do what I know I’m capable of. But for which I’ve not previously been given the approval stamp of an appropriate job title.

And since the position I’m seeking is actually one of those difficult-to-describe jobs that would, in essence, be created for my particular set of contributing qualities, the fact that I’ve established a career at all is perhaps my greatest hurdle.

As a compatriot asserted this afternoon at lunch, my problem is that I have a skill.

More significantly, it’s a skill that has an easily definable job description, a position that exists at any number of companies and organizations. And it’s one that I practice with a high degree of reliability here at Langley.

So the question of the resumé has everything to do with whether I can successfully reframe my current activities at Langley–those that go beyond my official job description–with the decisionmakers, such that they create a new position based upon the value that I uniquely bring (and have already demonstrated) to the organization, or whether I need to start elsewhere, with a resumé that omits or obscures my career path to date.

Based upon the prose of the preceding paragraph it seems clear that the discussion must begin internally, until someone in the decisionmaking chain shuts it down.

Because of course as much as I might like a change in careers at this juncture, I’ve got JD jumping ship from her six-year job and the house and The Boy for which to provide. So no matter where I jump to, there had better be a salary and benefits on which I can securely land.


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