Observations and arguments.

Making time

The Boy sustained a body temperature in the range of 102 to 104 degrees for more than twenty hours yesterday through this morning. This after a night of fever spikes of shorter duration, high enough (103.8) to launch us into a middle-of-the-night pretend-we’re-not-freaking-out-isn’t-this-fun-buddy? bathtime.

By the same time last night (circa 2 a.m.) the panic had dulled to a slowly eyeball-gnawing fear, while rocking The Boy as his tiny body convulsed involuntarily every three or four minutes, as the fever sprinted from his head to his neck to his arms to his tummy to his feet and back again.

But as with so many aspects of Parenthood and now Home Ownership all my plans for yesterday and -evening were shot to the outlying regions of Hades. Which plans included a few minutes for Writing.

But my left brain is dragging, and caffeine isn’t offering much of a corrective.

Even this shabby attempt at generating words in consecutive sequence continues to be interrupted by random thoughts and their concomitant web searches.

Not finding much of anything I’m looking for, either. But that’s also a function of the limited search criteria I can come up with in this impaired functioning state.

Oh, what a useless post.

Better luck tomorrow, I trust.


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