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Cute Boy Report: Dance of Joy

Over the past week The Boy has developed a new behavior that can only be described as a Dance of Joy.

From a sitting position, he will rock up and down, while waving both hands in the air above his head and grinning toothily (or, alternately, squealing in short bursts, sans consonants).

The only visual comparison I can make is to the flailing felt and wire rods of Kermit the Frog as he cheers and exits the Muppet Show stage, as he attempts to overcompensate for the fact that he has just introduced Beverly Sills.

Triggers for the Dance of Joy
(that I have myself witnessed):

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
Photos of oranges
Zwieback toast
Swigs of refrigerated bottled water
Sitting in a box
Throwing an embroidered beanbag ball

The Dance of Joy has not been captured on videotape, nor has it been witnessed during a videoconference with his grandparents, nor in the company of friends.

But it is real, I tell you! Real! He really does the Dance of Joy!

Sometimes he burns so brightly in my sight I fear I may go blind.


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