Observations and arguments.

The problem of course

is my habitual writing process of smithing the living hell out of each sentence for balance, rhythm, and precision. Multiple times.

Which makes the ability to edit previous blog entries a potential timesuck of its own.

But of course the principal intent is to write, lurching much as possible towards the quantity end of the Q/Q continuum.

Not that I am incapable or unfamiliar with freewriting, but morning pages are intended to remain unread by anyone beyond the writer (who may regret even that wide of an audience).

Which (the supposed fear of exposing my sloppy and unvetted sentence structure and word choice) is in truth an easy rationalization to disguise the true fear: exposure as an arrogant hypocrite–in re: my criticism that the unedited nature of the blogo-journa-sphere makes much of it unreadable.

But that perhaps when juxtaposed with my own less-than-blindingly-buffed prose those writers whom I have judged as less competent talented eloquent interesting to me will emerge as the superior writers for the form.

Because the language structures of the rapid-response www (chat, newsgroups, open directory, blog/journal, wiki, et al.) have long since passed me by. [nts: Remember to write future post about the cultural uselessness of linguist Geoffrey Nunberg.]

Similarly, a cursory glance at the hiphop section of my iTunes Library would make brutally laughable the proposition of me attempting to compose a rap lyric.

Question of the day:
If an old-time musician raps in the shower and there’s no one there to hear him, does he make a sound?

Fo’, as it were, shizzle.


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